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September 2020

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September 2020 Newsletter

We are very pleased to send you the lastest news from Sourcing Bali.  We certainly hope that this finds you well, and that you are keeping safe. 

We are very proud to say that we are still very much alive and in business as usual.  We continue to receive orders from around the world as businesses slow re-open.  In this addition we will be updates on recently completed projects, some great images of our latest installations, tidbits from our suppliers and a general updates on the situation here in Bali. 

We take this opportunity to thank you once again for your ongoing support.  We simply could not survive without your help.  Please continue to work with us and do let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can better serve you. 

Warmest regards,
Desmond and Crew

new installation

Over the last few months we've been posting updates to FACEBOOK about this exciting new project in the Hamptons.  The project is now DONE and they had their soft opening just last week.  The owners and the designers are DELIGHTED with the outcome and so are we.  We're delighted to share a few images of these here.   for more information about this project, please feel free to contact

Outdoor Poolside Cabanas

We recently completed an order for five of these wonderful custom designed timber cabanas for a resort in Florida, USA.  Made from an Indonesian hardwood timber called Bengkirai, These are perfectly suited for the hot climate of Florida.  Designed with entry on three sides, each will be fitted with privacy curtains, loungers and a personal bar. Simply Magical !

For details on these custom-made timber cabanas, please email us at sales@sourcing-bali



We're often asked to produce some unsual items and this is certainly one of them.  Thi project is still in the prototype stage, but we're nearly ready for shipping.  Once confirmed, we're expecting an initial order of 100 set of these hand crafted backgammon sets for the USA. Made from natural rattan for the table frame and chiairs, combined with screen-printed cork for the board, this is a perfect example of how Sourcing Bali can help you to bring your ideas to life.


We're often asked to produce orders of pots and planters for hotels and resorts around the world.  This new order is headed to the Caribbean for a new (soon to be opene) resort.  The designs are slick, modern and simple. Each made from resin / firbre glass which means that they're durable, and able to tolerate the sea, sun and sand of these stunning resort islands.  There were dozens of shapes, sizes and colours in the order, proving yet again that Sourcing Bali can handle customised orders for you. 

Bali and Indonesia

Bali recently opened it's borders to domestic tourists with (somewhat) strict protocols for health checks etc.  Regrettably, these checks were not sufficiently conclusive and we saw a rise in the number of infections.  We're currently seeing 100-170 infections per day which is very worrisome.  There is a possibility that we may need to return to strict lock-downs, for now, we're ok. Our office is operating as usual with reduced office hours, combined with work-from-home procedures.

Indonesia and Surabaya are the hotspots for infections and it is reported that Jakarta will shortly be imposing strict lock-down protocols once again.  We will continue to monitor the situation as it relates to Bali.  Thankfully, here in Bali, mask use is widespread among Indonesians.

Tips, Trends & Promo's

More Metal Works

We’ve finished the production of more metal furniture for our ongoing project in Zanzibar. Each of these custom designs have been carefully produced under the watchful eye of the Sourcing Bali QC crew.

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Metal Works

These wrought iron consoles are custom made here in Bali. We look forward to bringing you more updates on these and other designs for this project over the coming weeks – watch this space 😊

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Exciting Project

Sourcing Bali carefully check each and every item of an order before going into full production. Special attention is taken to check sizing, finishes, construction and comfort.

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Hotel Recommendation

This delightful boutique hotel is centrally located in Jalan Laksmana, Seminyak, close to shops, beach, restaurants and is just a short journey to our offices.

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Supplier's News

This stunning outdoor sectional sofa was customized for a client in IBIZA. Using high quality outdoor fibre, Quick Dry Foam, and Sunproof fabrics.

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We are often asked to supply hotels, resorts and restaurants with their indoor and outdoor signage. We have resources to make these from a wide range of materials. Here are some examples of recently completed projects.

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CCM is one of our preferred suppliers for upholstery. Started in 1994, the company has grown from strength to strength and is now the leading manufacturer in Bali for upholstered furniture.

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BLOOM is an outdoor furniture manufacturer under German management, with a focus on quality and durability. The product range features outdoor lounges, dining sets, sun lounger and eye catchers. All collections are 100% weatherproof and made to endure sun, rain, and snow.

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We are delighted to bring news of these very cool and unique lighting designs from a new and upcoming supplier here in Bali. These funky, retro lights are made from 100% recycled pipes, gauges, tubes and other bits and pieces. Each is unique, no two pieces can ever be the same – and they are super popular.

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Sunproof ®

Sunproof ® is a range of premium quality outdoor fabrics. Suitable for harsh outdoor climates, according to American Standard G53-96. All Sunproof fabrics have passed the stringent tests according to British and other international standards. A full range of these fabrics is available through Sourcing Bali.

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Recent changes to the export laws in Indonesia now prohibit multiple exporters in a single shipment. This means that only one set of export documents per shipment is possible. For example, if a client orders items from Sourcing Bali and orders something themselves from another supplier....

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Supplier News

DUA Lighting - one of Sourcing Bali's main suppliers of lighting for commercial installations. We've worked together for many years on some very prestigious projects - Cheval Blanc, Maldives, Hydro Majestic, Blue Mountains, and many more. We're proud to showcase their company as one of Bali's BEST.

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Pinterest - easy way to share ideas

We LOVE Pinterest ! In case you haven't heard of it, or used it... we recommend that you give it a try. Pinterest provides great tools for creating a design story board / mood board for your home renovation or fit out. It's a great tool for sharing ideas and it can be invaluable to helping create teh overall style that you're looking for.

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Personal Shopping Services - We make it easy !

We've been operating our Personal Shopping Tours for more than 15 years and we're still Bali's BEST. If you have plans to come to Bali to shop for your new home, renovation or building project - we will be very happy to assist. Take advantage of our vast experience and wide range of suppliers. Book NOW for your Personal Shopping Service.

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Fibre Glass / Resin - You'd be surprised what can be achieved !

This very versatile material is relatively light weight, can be formed to almost any shape, can be finished in almost any colour and inexpensive.. it can also stay permanently outdoors. Ideal for chairs, tables, pots... For more information about how we can assist with your custom design fibre glass features –

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We're proud to be Bali's leading sourcing and buying agency. It's a reputation that we've worked hard to achieve and we continue to maintain. We have an enviable reputation for quality, consistency and clear communication. Our customer service standards are second to none.

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