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28 July 2015

DUA Lighting - one of Sourcing Bali's main suppliers of lighting for commercial installations. We've worked together for many years on some very prestigious projects - Cheval Blanc, Maldives, Hydro Majestic, Blue Mountains, and many more. We're proud to showcase their company as one of Bali's BEST.

Pinterest - easy way to share ideas

21 July 2015

We LOVE Pinterest ! In case you haven't heard of it, or used it... we recommend that you give it a try. Pinterest provides great tools for creating a design story board / mood board for your home renovation or fit out. It's a great tool for sharing ideas and it can be invaluable to helping create teh overall style that you're looking for.

Personal Shopping Services - We make it easy !

21 May 2015

We've been operating our Personal Shopping Tours for more than 15 years and we're still Bali's BEST. If you have plans to come to Bali to shop for your new home, renovation or building project - we will be very happy to assist. Take advantage of our vast experience and wide range of suppliers. Book NOW for your Personal Shopping Service.

Fibre Glass / Resin - You'd be surprised what can be achieved !

21 May 2015

This very versatile material is relatively light weight, can be formed to almost any shape, can be finished in almost any colour and inexpensive.. it can also stay permanently outdoors. Ideal for chairs, tables, pots... For more information about how we can assist with your custom design fibre glass features –

Bali's leading Sourcing and Buying Agency

21 May 2015

We're proud to be Bali's leading sourcing and buying agency. It's a reputation that we've worked hard to achieve and we continue to maintain. We have an enviable reputation for quality, consistency and clear communication. Our customer service standards are second to none.