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Code bean012

Fulfilling fans demand, Billy The Big is a bigger, better and bolder version of the striking billy the kid sofa.

Size : 120 x 100 x 80cm

Min order QTY : 2pcs

Code bean001

Classic bean bag made from HB parasut with circle foam insert

Size : Dia.180 x 100cm ht.

Min order QTY : 2 pcs

Code bean002

Bean bag slab made from HB parasut with circle foam insert

Size : 180 x 180cm

Min order QTY : 2 pcs

Code bean004

The Big Mama is renowned for Multitasking skills that you can have it in five different styles.

Size : 180 x 140 x 25cm

Min order QTY : 2pcs

Code bean016

The original and multi function type comes in indoor materials to give you a moment to indulge. The key is the multi faceted shapes
and the EPS filling inside that moves along with you to give you an experience before deciding the best style that suits you

Size : 180 x 140 x 25cm

Min order QTY : 2pcs

Code bean005

It’s The Big Mama an additional strap, the small thing that make a big difference, which means you can have six different styles.

Size : 180 x 140 x 25cm

Min order QTY : 2pcs

Code bean018

If you need a chair or a table, seek for the Cube. It’s a mini comfy seat when you want it and a small useful table when you need it. For the table, you can just add a glass cover on top of the cube chair and voila! You have a stylish coffee table.

Size : 40 x 40 x 40cm

Min order QTY : 4pcs

Code bean011

Daddy attitude is the coolest one. Be cool, gracious and happy with all the big space it provides. So much space for everything to
do nothing at all, that’s the attitude to have.

Size : 120 x 110 x 70cm

Min order QTY : 2pcs

Code bean013

Relaxing has found a new synonym. Double Relax Sist is an ultimate relaxing sun loungers for couples who want to share or for singles who want to be a bit selfish only for a day.

Size : 150 x 165 x 55cm

Min order QTY : 2pcs

Code bean006

The Brother that accommodates the easy breezy lazy lifestyle.  There is so much nothing to do with this style and its versatility
allows you to place it anywhere you like without taking too much space. Garden Party, concert watching, book reading, all can be
done in lazy attitude.

Size : 121 x 140 x 90cm

Min order QTY : 2pcs

Code bean017

The Indoor version of the Lazy Bro will make you feel like heaven. A perfect blend of unique triangular shape, compact shape and soft materials are all the offers. It is an indoor indulgence at its maximum comfort

Size : 121 x 140 x 90cm

Min order QTY : 2pcs

Code bean009

Little Joe may seem small but he knows it all. It is perfect for outdoor
seating to give a friendlier vibe and extra comfort.

Size : 70 x 70 x 15cm

Min order QTY : 2pcs